Our features will help to optimize relaxation

Features in Our Method

Our goal is to optimize relaxation for users through the collection of data that are collected from the game. Some features included in our method are a journal that records user input and multiple minigames that do not have a time limit pressure or a large pressure for failure. We also utilize the tendency for younger adults to relate with inanimate objects in our method with our number of Non-Playable Characters (NPCs). Since the recent Covid-19 pandemic required most citizens to self-quarantine, there were increased feelings of loneliness throughout the world. Having a digital “friend” gives the users a character to relate to and through this, they may be able to grow or come to a new understanding of the self. The NPCs in our game each have their own personalities and elaborate backstories that users can read about. Finishing certain tasks may also trigger a message from the NPCS. Other methods may not have an incentive for success and may not give the user a sense of attachment.

Another feature of our game is the short time it takes to play. Each round is less than a minute, a feature that has been made more relevant by the hustle and bustle of modern life. Many students have jam-packed schedules filled with homework and extracurriculars and may not have the time to sit down and play an hour long game. Having this constant pressure placed on them, students may end up feeling stressed even when they are resting. This leads to anxiety filled breaks where students may not be able to fully enjoy any games they play. Having short, less than a minute rounds is a key feature to helping students relax.