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I created Flory for the purpose of relaxation and de-stressing using different minigames including: a journal minigame where users are encouraged to reflect upon their emotions, a matching minigame where users will be able to connect with NPCs, and a flower popping minigame where users will repeat a clicking motion for relaxation. All three of these minigames provide an incentive for success so the user will continue to play the game.

Minigames Galore

Flory is a video game meant to provide relaxation and happiness through the use of three different minigames and a small low-poly world to explore, this is also an adaptive and interactive gaming platform for depression and stress relief using machine learning.

There are many Non Play Characters (NPCs) in this game, each with unique backstories and personalities. The first minigame is a journal minigame meant to help the user explore or release any pent up emotions.

The second minigame is a click and drag matching game. The user will help NPCs find items they want to buy from a store's shelves.

The third minigame is a popping game. Flower seeds will pop up on screen and when tapped, the flower will bloom and fall to the ground. The goal is to pop enough flowers to fill the field.

game screen